Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Solar Backpack

        Dictation - intermediate/ upper intermediate

        The solar backpack is typically a cloth sack that is portable enough to be carried on the back or over the shoulders of the individual.  It is normally equipped with a flexible solar panel, batteries, cords, plugs, light bulbs, and charge controller.  The mechanism allows for the conversion of sunlight into usable electricity to provide power to common portable electronic appliances and devices. It usually delivers power that can last for up to 120 watt-hours per day. 
        The solar powered backpack has evolved from a supreme idea of charging smaller electrical devices from the sun energy. Therefore their first benefit is that it helps you to make your life easier, simpler and more comfortable. Moreover, solar power is free of charge, so you will not have any running costs, while using your backpack to charge other devices. Also you should not forget that it is a backpack, therefore you may take it with you anywhere you want. Its size and weight are specifically adjusted for relocation purposes.  The solar powered backpacks usually come with a whole set of different cell-phone adapters and USB plugs, therefore you shall not worry, almost all of your devices can be charged with the help of this miracle of high-tech-innovation.
       This device is easy to operate, safe to use, convenient to take and fashionable. It is an ideal product for living and traveling. There are many practical applications that can make it extremely functional like in the case of field research, international aid, emergency power, or disaster relief among others.

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