Friday, August 31, 2012


Dictation - Upper-intermediate/ Advanced

         The backlash against globalization is a broad phenomenon that is fed by many different specific emotions and anxieties. This backlash expresses itself in different forms, through different characters in different countries. This is not surprising. Markets generate both capital and chaos; the more powerful markets become as a result of globalization, the more widespread and diverse their disruptions.
         Beyond this general sense of disruption and dislocation, the opponents of globalization resent it because they feel that as their countries have plugged in the globalization system, they have been forced into a golden cage. Some don't like the golden cage because they feel economically pinched by it. Some worry that they don't have the knowledge, skills or resources to enlarge the cage and ever really get the gold out of it. Some don't like it because they resent the widening income gaps that the cage produces or the way it squeezes jobs from higher-wage countries to lower-wage ones.
         Some don't like it because it seems to put a higher priority on laws to promote free trade than it does on laws to protect turtles and dolphins, water and trees. Some don't like it because they feel they have no say in its design or that getting their countries up to the standards is just too hard.

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