Friday, August 17, 2012

Short activities to eliminate boredom in the classroom

Here are two activities to do with your students when they are getting bored, inattentive or noisy in class:

1. Give each student a small sheet of paper and make them write down what worries them or what they are afraid of. When they are all ready, ask them to tear the sheets of paper into very small pieces and then throw them into the recycle bin. Now they have all got rid of their fears and worries. (there's no need to make them read or share what's written down)

2. We all like hearing good things about ourselves. In this activity you will make the students say good things to their classmates. On the blackboard write down the following: "One thing I like about you, ......, is that you ..... ." Then take a ball and throw it to one of the students, saying: "One thing I like about you, Emma, is that you are very active in class. " Then Emma throws the ball to a classmate and says something good to him/her. The activity continues until everybody has taken part.

These activities work with all students. No matter what their level of English is, no matter if they are slow or fast learners, they are all willing to participate. And the results of these feel-good activities are obvious - they encourage cooperation, show a fun way of looking at life, build self-esteem, and lift their spirit.

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