Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to use difficult English words in class to boost writing skills

       The English language abounds in difficult words, which you can use to make a fun activity in class and at the same time develop the students skills for writing clearly and accurately. 
       Choose several words ( there's a sample list below), write them on the board and ask the students to write definitions for all of them. They can work individually, in pairs or in groups. After the students have finished, they read the definitions and choose the one which is closest to the original meaning of the word.

Sample word list:
maconochie - n. army tinned stew 
demonolatry - n. worship of demons, and good and evil spirits 
hydropathy- n. medical treatment by baths and mineral waters 
novolescence - n. state of being new or up to date 
paucity - n. scarcity 
bucolic - adj. charmingly rural; rustic; country like 
chicanery -  n. trickery; deceitfulness; artifice, especially legal or political 
obfuscate - v. to darken, to confuse, to make confusing 
penchant - n. strong inclination, a liking
latibule - n. hiding place

For a detailed list of difficult English words go to

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