Saturday, August 25, 2012

Can you spell correctly?

Every line contains one word which is not spelled correctly. Which is it?

1. ceiling, deceive, recieve, correspondence, clique
2. bravado, chasm, ambassador, feign, acquital
3. malicious, irelevant, interrogative, martyr, indisputable
4. hindrance, gruesome, etiqette, expedient, curriculum
5. embroidery, benevolent, elimination, primitive, vulnarable
6. undoutedly, versatile, unanimous, respite, retrieve
7. prejudice, poignancy, mallicious, monotony, maintenance
8. apology, applicant, arrangement, astma, apostrophe
9. chaufeur, consequence, aerial, adolescence, abstain
10. colonel, envious, existance, legitimate, fashionable
11. insufficient, internally, inept, forgery, headquaters 
12. dilema, frivolous, council, bachelor, asphalt
13. dialogue, hospitality, crypt, coleague, dominance
14. melodious, obsolete,  prefarably, perceive, sophomore
15. predecessor, sieve, rehearsal, genious, suburban

You will find the Key in the first comment.

1 comment:

  1. 1.receive 2.acquittal 3.irrelevant 4.etiquette 5.vulnerable 6.undoubtedly 7. malicious 8.asthma 9.chauffeur 10.existence 11.headquarters 12.dilemma 13.colleague 14.preferably 15.genius


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