Monday, August 20, 2012

Graffiti in the classroom?

The following activity, called Graffiti in the Classroom, is an excellent way to get the students thinking about a topic prior to reading. It is not actually connected with painting, but with writing and involves all students. Being an independent activity in which students can think and put down their ideas freely, it provides a way for shy students to get involved in the discussions.


1. Prepare several sheets of paper with a topic to discuss written in the middle.
2. Stick them on the walls so that it is easy for students to write on them,
3. Give the students coloured pencils and tell them to go round the room and put down their ideas on each topic. They can also agree or disagree with what their classmates have written.
4. While doing the activity, the students must keep silent.

The following pictures are some of the Graffiti that my 11th grade students produced on some of the topics discussed in class:

Some of the ideas can be used while discussing the topics later during the lesson.

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