Monday, September 3, 2012

The Oil-bearing Rose - Symbol of Bulgaria


        The rose has always been valued for its beauty and is an ancient symbols of love, affection and romance. According to legend, Diana, the goddess of hunt, women-mothers and moon, had a priestess, Rosalia by name.Rosalia decided to marry the beautiful Semedor and leave the goddess. At the very moment while the two lovers were taking the oath of allegiance, Diana, furious about the infidelity of her priestess, pierced Rosalia’s heart with an arrow and turned her into a thorny bush covered with white fragrant flowers. Later, the running Venice chased by Mars pricked herself onto the little thorns of the bush and her blood coloured the roses in red.
       According to another story,  the ancient Hellenes associated the background of roses with the descent of Aphrodite – the most beautiful among women, born from the sea waves foam. Along with her body the enraged sea washed ashore some rose shrubs, covered with white blossoms. They filled the air with a gentle fragrance, making it more pleasant for the goddess of love and beauty.
       The Valley of Roses in Bulgaria is majestic and breathtaking. It has always been the centre stage for the colorful age-old Festival of Roses. This traditional festival is a symbol of the rose industry and its influence on the culture, spirit and lifestyle of the region. It is not known when exactly and in what way the oil-bearing rose was brought to the Bulgarian lands but Bulgaria has gained an international popularity becoming a world factor in the rose-growing industry.

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