Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Test your vocabulary skills

Choose the best adjective out of the two given in each question below:

1.    Sammi didn’t have time to finish the whole exam, so some of her answers were incomplete/deficient.

2.    My father’s new car is really rapid/fast.

3.    The weather forecast wasn’t very accurate/truthful, because they said it would rain and it’s been fine all day.

4.    The noticeable dearth of goal-scoring opportunities means that these are annoying/worrying times indeed for Danby United.

5.    My little brother is so greedy/eager. He’s just finished his fourth banana!

6.    We gave a donation to the charity, partly because the children on their poster looked     so precious/vulnerable.

7.    When we got married my husband promised that he would always be dependable/faithful to me.

8.    I like the new cushions on your sofa, they’re lovely/lovable.

9.    I believe if you want something in life badly enough you should be powerful/persistent and never give up until you’ve reached your goal.

10.  This isn’t the finished version of my essay. I always write a rough/clean draft first.

11.  Some critics haven’t enjoyed Spielberg’s later films, such as The Terminal and AI, finding them a little too sentimental/extreme.

12.  James proposed to Maria at Gina’s party on Saturday. He got down on one knee and everything! It certainly made for a spectacular/memorable evening.

13.  When I told my boss that I needed two weeks off to visit my sick grandmother in Mexico, she wasn’t very sympathetic/acceptable. Probably because she knows I don’t have any relatives in Mexico.

14.  Jenna doesn’t like her curly/floppy hair, but she’s too lazy to straighten it.

15.  “Jas, that skirt is horrendous! No one will ever find you remotely pleasant/attractive if you go outside wearing that!” counselled Jas’s best friend, Mandy.

You will find the answers in the first comment.
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1 comment:

  1. Answers:

    1. incomplete

    2. fast

    3. accurate

    4. worrying

    5. greedy

    6. vulnerable

    7. faithful

    8. lovely

    9. persistent

    10. rough

    11. sentimental

    12. memorable

    13. sympathetic

    14. curly

    15. attractive


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